We have been having a lot of infographics lately about networks/businesses that operate on-line. This infographic is about Demand Media, for one reason or another, they are getting a lot of attention on the web for the way they operate. They essentially  use precise algorithms to monitor the searches people are making and create content to fulfil the needs of the searchers. If a lot of people are searching for “how to store fresh honey” and no adequate answer appears on the web, their algorithm picks this up and issues an order to have some content written, or a video made. As a result, it’s content has often been accused of being sub-standard and ‘forced’.

Some clever guys have put together this infographic for you to have a look at. It goes through the business model of demand media and explains how the whole scheme works. I defiantly recommend giving this one a read over, its very interesting topic at the moment.


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