This is a brilliant infographic from the guys over at zoominfo. It makes some good points about data decay. “Data Decay” is not normally a term you hear, but did you know that about 68% of people giving out a business card will have a new job within a year! Thats crazy, but I can believe this is a big problem for people trying to keep their records up to date.

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One Response to The Trouble Of Business Data Decay (infographic)

  1. Chris McHale says:

    As a sales manager it bothers me knowing how my prospect data can go bad so quickly. This is something that I’ve figured happens just due to the fact that we consistently deal with dead ends, bad leads and lost productivity spending time trying to track down the right people. To see it in statistics and graphics is enlightening. I wonder how often should your data be looked at and verified? How quickly will say a database of 100,000 contacts go bad?