Individuals who are interested in learning more about the XML software can take part in the XML certification program offered by IBM. The IBM Certified Solution Developer — XML 1.1 and Related Technologies certification can easily be earned by passing a single test. The 000-142 exam, consisting of approximately 50 questions, will test fundamental XML knowledge, including XML processing and rendering, information modeling, Web Services, and best practices. Participants must know the steps in designing and implementing applications that incorporate XML technologies (such as Schema, XPath, and XSLT).


Before taking the exam, it is suggested that participants come prepared with programming and scripting skills, along with basic Internet and networking knowledge and experience with relational databases and Java-based applications. This career path is one of the few scripting certifications that IBM offers and is therefore popular among individuals interested or experienced in this field. Whether or not you already have experience working with XML, it is not a bad idea to make use of training resources available to you. IBM offers many, which can be viewed and purchased on their website, while others (such as favorite TestsLive, which provides useful practice exams at a very affordable price) are easily accessible.


The knowledge you’ll learn from earning this certification is useful for both a primary and secondary career. At an intermediate level, these skills can be used in multiple job roles and are among the most valuable and pragmatic in solution development and application design. IT professionals looking to gain additional skills or find work in a new field cannot go wrong with the IBM XML certification.


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