With so many antivirus products on the market, picking the right one can be difficult. When looking for the right antivirus protection, Norton 360 2013 features at least five benefits that may make a consumer choose their product above other antivirus products.


One, Norton 360 provides protection for Android mobile phone devices. Not only does it protect against virus threats to a consumer’s phone, the Bandwidth Management 2.0 feature automatically adjusts Norton data usage updates whenever a consumer connects to their 3G networks. This helps to prevent consumers from going over their monthly data allotment.


Secondly, Norton 360 is one of the few antivirus products that provide protection on social media sites. Norton Safe Web for Facebook scans all links on a customer’s Facebook feed to see if they are free of malware and to eliminate phishing attacks.


Thirdly, Norton is able to protect both home and business networks. Through the Norton Management feature, fixes, updates, renewals, and installations can be handled in the cloud, making the antivirus protection easy to install over multiple computers.


Fourthly, Norton has included new features such as parental controls, two-way firewalls, automatic updates, silent running mode, and network monitoring. These new features prove that Norton is constantly trying to keep their product up to date in order to ensure their customers have the best value out of their product.


Finally, Norton allows their customers to create a bootable rescue disk. This can be used in case your computer is infected or another accident occurs that makes starting Windows impossible.

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